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"Nice to meet you! I'm Ann..."

Hey there! My name is Ann Gregory, and I'm the owner/operator of Sweet Nibbles Bakery! We're proud to be a Texas Cottage Bakery baking exclusively dairy, egg, and gluten free baked goods for our local communities.

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Our Story...

Sweet Nibbles Bakery is the local bakery for you, if you have a dairy, egg or gluten allergy or intolerance. There's a shortage of baked goods for people with food allergies! I know because our family has been living with food allergies for the past 19 years! When my son was 8 months old we found out (the hard way) that he is allergic to dairy! At 13 months they ran the full panel of allergy testing. He was allergic to 8 things and had sensitivities to 8 others! As he grew up and we tested him again, he had outgrown all but dairy and egg! He was like most kids and wanted cookies and muffins and cupcakes so I learned to bake without dairy and eggs! It was a lot of trial and error in the beginning but well worth the look on his face to have a yummy treat, like his friends!

In 2011, I was suffering from severe joint pain and was told to take gluten out of my diet to see if it helped cut the inflammation. I did as was suggested and never turned back to eating wheat based products. The pain wasn’t worth the price.

In the summer and fall of 2022, after graduating my son from our homeschool, I underwent some medical procedures and discovered that dairy was causing me a lot of health issues, so once again, I cut something from my diet. This time dairy!

Once I was back to regaining my health, I wanted to start some type of business so I started bouncing ideas around and landed here, a Texas Cottage Bakery baking only dairy, egg and gluten free baked goods!

While talking with a friend one evening I told her my idea and told her I need a name! A few hours later the name “Sweet Nibbles Bakery” was decided!

Everything baked by me at Sweet Nibbles Bakery is free of dairy, egg, and gluten. Everything is also soy-free because so many people have problems with soy, as well.

I understand how difficult it is to find baked goods that address food allergies or sensitivities and that is why this bakery makes sure to use only the best ingredients to make the best baked goods for you!

I hope you’ll try them and share them with your family and friends!


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